The Lodger…

Once again it was Sunday…and there they go again.
I sneak across to my bedroom door and listen— my mom giggling; his fake animal growl— playfully meant to arouse her. Oh yes… the lodger was certainly doing well this morning.
I cracked open the door slowly, hardly daring to breathe, praying that the hinges didn’t squeak in protest.
“Now let’s see, what do we have here?” My mother’s voice soft, throaty and seductive.
I could feel my own heart beginning to pound in my chest, heaven only knows what she was feeling.
“Oh! Well now, that is one fine piece of meat,” I heard her remark, her voice filled with a sensuous hunger. He groaned softly with desire.
I closed my eyes, imagining her reaching out with her fingers and pulling back the bed-cover to reveal his cock. In my mind she took it into her hand, tilting her head and smiling in eager anticipation as she felt the weight and girth of it.
I gasped as I brought up my hand to touch my breast; the soft brown bud of my nipple already growing hard, craving attention.
My mother whispered the words softly to him, but not so quiet that I couldn’t hear it.
“Now listen baby, I’m heading off to work shortly, and I don’t want you lying here all hot and horny while my nineteen year-old daughter is lying asleep in the next room. The last thing I’d want is for you to start getting ideas into that pretty head of yours…so here, let me help you with that.”

I leaned against the door-frame, biting my lip to suppress an excited moan escaping my lips. Inside my head I could see them clearly. I watched as my mom dropped to her knees beside his bed, his cock already fully aroused, standing up stiff and proud as she dropped her mouth down over it, tasting the salty drops of his pre-cum which were already beginning to trickle out from within it.
I felt my pussy begin to ache… a slow burning heat which I knew would need to be extinguished. I dropped a hand down, slipping it under my nightshirt and into the top of my panties. I gasped, my folds were swollen and my panties slick with my juices.
I heard her mouth working on him. Her wet tongue lashing his length, from base to tip, as her hand worked on his shaft eagerly; pumping his cock hard as she fellated him. Her lips were held tightly around his thick rod, sucking him deeply into her throat. The lodger moaned with pleasure, potentially lying there and allowing her greedy wet lips to do all the work.
‘Oh my god… he’s going to come!’
I heard him cry out for a moment and then he grunted; once, twice then three times; emptying his sweet salty load directly into her mouth. My mother moaned with satisfaction around his cock; I could imagine her holding her lips tightly together as she drank down every last drop of his precious jism.
The moment I touched my clit my own orgasm hit me.
I took the inflamed nub between my fingers and squeezed gently, knowing that it wouldn’t take much to finally set me off. I was right— I felt countless tiny explosions suddenly running through my body as my release took me.
I squeezed my thighs together, trapping my fingers within my wetness, and crossed my legs— trying to stop them buckling from underneath me.
Hearing movement from our lodgers bedroom, I quickly scurried across to my own bed and slipped beneath the covers, catching my breath while allowing normality to return to my body.
I don’t know how long I lay there staring up at the ceiling.
Long enough to hear my mother’s footsteps as she moved downstairs, gathering her things as she went, to finally close the front door behind her as she left for work.
I held my breath and listened. There wasn’t a sound coming from the other room.
But things were different.
I now knew that a seed had been sown in his head.
Would it be later today? A few days? A week perhaps…
It doesn’t matter.
Whenever he wants me, I’ll be ready…
I slipped my fingers down into my panties again.
Waiting, patiently…

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